Thursday, August 13, 2015

Iceland the second

One of my (former) colleagues was being forced to come to Toronto, and she said whenever she goes to a place, she likes to do a couple of things:
  • Go to a yoga class
  • Visit an art museum
There was an article in 99U about a woman who goes to the public pool everywhere she goes.  (Actually that was a link to this, I just discovered.)

Oh, we did that, too, I just realized:

This was an outdoor geothermal heated pool (like a bathtub that didn't get cold) at the beach, a short walk from our hotel.
Here's another angle of it. 
You could sit in the pool and get all cozy warm (the day we went in it was 12 degrees celcius and drizzling) and then run down to the actual ocean, which was crazy cold.

It was Iceland. How could we miss that?

But I think my thing I do on every trip might be a visit to the graveyard.

Is that too goth?

It was so crazy green.

There were a bunch of commonwealth graves from WWII. 

This was just past the beach, actually, still a short walk from our hotel. Best hotel ever!

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