Monday, March 03, 2014

In Process -- Feb 2014

First Draft
“Limering”. Around 37,000 words. 

“Wind/Water/Salt”. This is the plot-fixing draft.
Thur, Feb 6 - Switched chapter 2 and chapter 1.
Mon, Feb 10 – wrote 1390 words into Chapter 1.
Wed, Feb 12 – Finished fixing Ch 1.
Thur, Feb 13 – Fixed Ch 2, moved part of Ch 1 to Ch 6.
Mon, Feb 17 – Started writing a new Ch 3.
Thur, Feb 20 – Wrote another page of Ch 3.
Sun, Feb 23 – Stared blankly at Ch 3.
Mon Feb 24 – Outlined Ch 3 since it wasn’t going well, then made an outline for chapters 1 – 12 so I could get things on paper rather than just in my head. Wrote and typed Chapter 3.
Wed Feb 26 – Broke chapter 10(b) into chunks and divided between chapters 4 and 7.
Thur Feb 27 – Broke chapter 11(b) into chunks and divided between 5 and 15.
Draft 2 has become like draft 1 – don’t look back. I would never get past the first three chapters if I didn't just keep plugging away.

Hella Finished neck, blocked body, and sewed on ruffle. Done and worn.
(self-designed).  Finished body to top of arms.
“St. Anthony’s Ribbon”
(self-designed). Slogged away on that first sleeve.
“Ceremonial Armour”
. Ignored.
“Makiko” haramaki
(rib warmer). I didn’t mean to start this, but then I got kind of obsessed with it, and looked for the yarn, and then I looked for the needles, and then I’d cast on and oops! Another project started! Ahem, and also finished.

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