Friday, August 30, 2013

Aerial hoop update

Last night was picture night at circus, so we aren’t really supposed to learn anything. However, I did get a skill! A few weeks ago, we started working on pullovers. This is essentially the same as a parallel bars skill in gymnastics where you grab the bar, do half a chin-up, pike your feet up and pull to get your hips over the bar. A month ago I couldn’t do it.

Three weeks ago, the coach told me if I couldn’t do it, I could jump onto the hoop and do twice as many controlled pull-downs (the second half of the skill, where you go down the same way – it uses the same muscles, but is easier because gravity helps) as everyone else. This led to an amazing set of bruises across my lower abdomen. 

Last week I tried, and I could do it if I put my feet on the sides of the hoop as I went up in order to get my hips high enough. 

Last night, I pulled over, all the way! Four times! 

Also, I learned skin the cat, because it's on my conditioning list, so it doesn't count as a new skill. 

Going the other direction (to get down by not just falling off) is the hard part.

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