Monday, February 11, 2013


At the climbing gym yesterday, I climbed a short 5.8 for a warmup, then went over to a short 5.10- I had failed on the last time we were there, thinking it would be good to try while I was fresh (I might have been fresh the last time I tried it, too, actually). It took a lot of flailing and fighting and tugging, but I did it! My first 5.10-!

And then Ed climbed something, and then I tried a longer 5.9 (while I was still fresh) that was rather easy in comparison. There were hand and footholds everywhere! then Ed climbed the 5.9, which was really awesome because he hurt his elbow a few weeks ago and he's been trying to build himself back up to climbing things that require arms.

And then I tried a 5.9 on the stalactite, which is the highest part of the gym. There was a staff guy belaying kids the next spot over, and when I finished that 5.9, he said yeah, he thought that was actually harder than the 5.10- on the other side of the stalactite. So I tried that too. And he was right, the 5.9 was harder.

Then I did a short 5.9, that the guy said ended with a 5.11 move with 5.9 holds. It was one of those things where you have to practically lay sideways on the wall to get up. There's this little muscle just under my ribs that is saying "hello" now.

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