Thursday, August 02, 2012

In process -- July 2012

First Draft

“Fairfax”. Around 110K, approaching climax. For a few days there I was having a really rough time, but things are moving again now. I may have to put in a few marathon days if I'm going to finish before November, but we'll see. 


(That which I don't talk about). Yes. 

 “Apophis”. I seem to have entered a strange cycle with this story, where I rewrite it and then put it away for a month or three, and then rewrite it again. I did that this month, again.



2 things. The same two things. To the same two places. So I didn’t send anything out.


“Bome” (night garden) fair isle cardigan. I just divided for the neck.
 Rhombus socks. Second one finished.
Button Up Socks. Second one finished.
Outside socks. Both done. I used entirely leftover yarn for these, so I pretty much can’t be unhappy. These will be great with leggings in the fall and winter. Inserting the zippers was a nightmare.
Spatterdash wristwarmers. First done.

At least the knitting went well last month. 

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