Wednesday, January 04, 2012

In process -- December 2011

First Draft
Started month with 43,000 words, near the beginning of Chapter 17, having written portions of my second outline. Now I’m past 54,000 nearing the end of Chapter 20. I should be more than half done! We’ll see about that, in about six months. . .

Toothbrushing Club.
(Middle Years novel). Last time I posted, a week into December, I had gone through the first half, with the goal to have draft 3 by Christmas break. In this, I was successful. There was a lot less moving scenes around, and a lot more writing entire scenes, towards the end. I knew the ending was awful, and had written a note after reading the whole thing to basically delete the last five pages, and I wrote something else entirely. The whole thing is printed out and ready to read again, but I think I should give it a week or two.

This is the first time I’ve ever really properly done a “middle” draft of anything this long from start to finish. The document is 53,000 words long which seems sort of shocking, like I might have added 10,000 words or so, because I thought the previous draft was in the low 40’s.

“Dowsing”. (short story, 5K). This got 5 crits on OWW, so when I went on Christmas vacation, I printed them off and took a draft with me to show what I do, if anyone of my relatives was interested. I didn’t look at it the whole time.

Not Cold Enough. Carried this around all Christmas holiday, too, but didn’t look at it.

Fair Isle Argyle socks.
First one done, second started.
Border socks. Gift. Three pairs done.
Commuter gloves. Gift. Done.
I so badly want to start a sweater, it’s killing me!

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