Friday, January 20, 2012

Christy Matheson

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The Toronto Standard has (or had) an entertaining feature, “Ideas, free to a good home”. I’m full of this sort of idea. Christy Matheson is one of them.

You know how Pat Robertson said a few months back that if your spouse has Alzheimer’s disease it’s okay to divorce them, because they’re dead to you anyway? And Newt Gingrich kind of had affairs on his sickly wives (at least one of them) instead? Well, I was thinking: how does someone who needs to have an affair on their sickly spouse go about meeting the right person to do that with.

One thing I learned from “The Other Boleyn Girl” was that it’s more appropriate for a king to have an affair with a married girl than a single one. So clearly, my hypothetical person married to an Alzheimer’s patient would need to meet another like-minded individual in similar circumstances (of the opposite sex of course, this being a problem that godless atheists don’t have).

That’s where Christy Matheson comes in. I envision it being company like Ashley Madison, except for married Christian people who have to find a mate substitute.

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