Friday, September 30, 2011

In process -- September 2011

First Draft

“Fairfax”. Started month with about 22,000 I think. Now I have about 28,000. I also have most of an outline of how the rest of it will flow together, including an ending! I’m so looking forward to it!

3 Chuck Wendig things you can find if you poke around a bit here.


“Cats”. Did one last draft after receiving the three crits, and then sent it away.


Morrigan (No Sheep for You/Frangipani). Finished the knitting over Labour Day weekend. Seamed it the following weekend, tied in the loose ends and blocked it. She is done, and took three weeks less than two years. Ugh.

Chasing Snakes socks (knitty/some divine merino in a color called Lead). Second done.

Loppem (Norah Gaughan). This is my anti-Morrigan, knit in fluffy white yarn on big needles. Two balls done.

Fair Isle Argyle socks. First started – KPPPM and some regia silk I had lying around.

Double Heelix socks. First started. I needed something small and simple, and after the heel is done, this meets that criteria.

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