Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flash Fiction Challenge: One of the Ways I must have Died

The challenge (100 words max, and the story has to contain three of five words provided) is here. I found this one particularly tough, I don't know why.

Another vamp swung down from the ivy covering Bishop's tomb. I threw my weight at her like I'd learned in self-defense class.

It was the wrong move. I was within arm's reach now. She easily dodged my fists.

Her fingers wrapped around my throat. She tilted it sideways to press her teeth, her vampire enzymes, into my jugular.

A berserker rage came onto me. I kneed her in the groin. I elbowed her jaw.

She fell.

My shoe heel made a passable stake.

Because of the hands around my neck. Last life, that must have been how I died.

1 comment:

Dee Martin said...

hmm never thought of a high heel for a stake lol - awesome!