Thursday, March 24, 2011

Maybe I should change the tagline here

Last night while I was supposed to be editing Apophis for I don't know, the sixth or seventh time (I'm not sure it works, but I'm down to messing with the formatting now, so it's time to put it on OWW and hide under my desk), I wrote a post on the bottom of the last page. And then I packed the wrong story in my lunchbag! I guess I'm just meant to work on Bezoar today, that's all.

Anyway, this leaves me writing my post from my head, which never goes well, or waiting and doing it later, which never gets done. So here goes.

Last night I received the March Locus in the mail (which was a good thing, because it encouraged me to finish reading the February Locus, which had been sitting on the kitchen table for about 28 days, and so I read the Sharyn November piece, which made me want to work on the Karate Zombies, which will make Fran happy, if nothing else). Flipping through (first pass I look at the pictures...) and made some mean comment about Robert J. Sawyer or something in my head (I'm sure he's an awesomely nice guy, but sometimes I have unreasonably mean thoughts about people who are more successful than me, and it's an impulse I must analyze. And control). And then I read the accompanying article. And I felt bad.

Not about RJS. I'm sure he's fine. About the fact that I'm learning that H.B.Fenn, Canada's largest book distributor, has closed, and I'm learning this from an American magazine. Why am I so disengaged? How do I not know what's going on in Canadian publishing? This is a big deal, right? I mean, I read the Toronto Star online most days, or at least, I read the headlines. Was this big news at some point? I guess I should go look on the Star's website and try to figure out how I missed it.

I'm back.

(This part was not on the back of Apophis that I wrote last night, we're in uncharted territory.)

The Star has a kind of crap search function that only goes back 14 days. The National Post had a story, though, dated Feb 4. So I guess the simple answer is I read the wrong paper. Though the bigger answer is I should probably interact with people more.

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