Tuesday, February 01, 2011

In process: Jan 2011

First Draft

“Imp Face”. Short story, about 5000 words. Because if I don’t mine my family history, someone else will...
“In a Nutshell”. Four hand-written pages of a start that I add to the thousand words I wrote last year.


"The Rabbits". Short story; working on 3rd draft. It’s down about 3500 words.
Karate Zombies. Still percolating on rewriting the first chapter. This post http://blog.nathanbransford.com/2010/10/all-important-first-chapter.html is making me worry.
“Bezoar”. Read it, revised it, read the comments I got on it last August (why is this so hard for me?) Though it’s funny what I did. I’d read the comments initially when I printed them out. Then I guess I let them process for four or five months, then implemented most of them, then read them and got to feel self-satisfied. It’s a better story now than it was before. Good enough? I don’t know. But it’s better than it was before. One more draft, I think, and it might be done.


“Succubus”. Short story; working on 2nd draft
Working on third draft
I want to try something different with this one – retype it, with the theme that I forgot overlaid on every line.

Being reviewed

Nothing. Doesn’t bode well for having something to ship out in February, does it?


Morrigan. Started the first sleeve again. 1”.
Anhinga. Took apart front to reseam, took off first sleeve and made cap taller. Finished second sleeve. Realized the problem with the front was even greater than I’d thought, took it off and did it again. Working on neck and seaming, and it will be done.
Ed's socks. Finished!
Doubleknit Fair Isle shawl. Started, got into trouble reading the charts. Among other things, I had completely ignored the first row of the colorwork. Don’t know what I was thinking! Started again, got the first three stripes done. It will be my focus project when Anhinga is done.
Doubleknit ski band. Start to finish! Started, in order to get a handle on reading doubleknit charts. Got about halfway through and realized I’d totally done it wrong and no way was this little thing going to fit around my head. Had to rip back to the ribbing.


Fran said...

Ummm Karate Zombies? I am intrigued. Would like to read it someday. It's about us am I right? There is something quite odd with the Black Belts in our Class. Maybe they are zombies.

Robyn said...

It's actually set in Sioux Lookout, so it's not really about our dojo. Though, the people who have read it seemed to enjoy trying to guess who different characters were based on (generally no one in particular, but sometimes an amalgam of different traits).