Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Out there -- Jan 10

"Unicorn" - Just came back again. That's twice. On today's list I have to get it out to #3.

This is the first time in my life, I think, that I've ever sent something out twice. Always in the past, and remember this was in the dark ages of juvinilia, I would send something out, and no matter how pleasant the rejection letter (and I did get a few personal ones) I would always decide that the story sucked and file it away. I probably still have those files. I should pull the stories out and find out how badly they really did suck.

Writing avoidance project: Instead of actually working on the novel, I bought several books to read for research. So I guess at some point I'll have to actually read Dante and Milton, and some actual apocrypha.

This time next month, it would be sweet to have another story circulating. God, I wish I didn't edit so slowly. Though last night I did manage to do the "write first, then knit" thing that I mentioned before, and I got to the end, again, of Dolphin. It needs at least one more pass through before I can let others read it. Some sentences still seemed randomly placed.


Willena said...

Didn't JK Rowling have "Harry Potter" rejected about 16 times. It's way too early to give up on your "Unicorn."

Robyn said...

Don't worry, I haven't given up. It's kind of fun, actually.