Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh my god I hate this story

So it's like the third or fourth day in a row that I've been looking at the Dolphin story, and the beginning is SO boring, and nothing happens until about page eight (of 26), and there's tons of exposition. And the writing is crap, and there's no point even fixing it, until I know which paragraphs should actually stay. And I've moved so many things around now that there is no flow. Every place where two paragraphs used to flow one to the next, now there's invariably some chunk of nonsense dropped in the middle.

I will never finish anything, not even this 5000-word story.

But at least I got it back down to 5000 words. That's something, I guess.

Oh, and the ending is pretty good, I think. At least, it's good compared to the rest of the story, which is crap.

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