Monday, January 04, 2010

In process, Dec 09

What I worked on in December:

Manners. First draft novel. 75% complete.

"Dolphin". Short Story. Editing -- 3rd draft.

"Bezoar". Short Story. Still working on first draft. I have about 2000 words. Barely touched it last month.

"Mary Alice". Short Story. Still writing first draft. This one is based on a dashed-off comment from Catherine Schtamp-somethingorother at VP. I know what it's about. I have around 1300 words and a couple of sheets of notes.

"Limering". Short story. Still writing first draft. I have mostly notes.

Cat/tinfoil. Flash fiction. Draft done (hand-written while I was at my dad's). Needs a soul. Cory told her cats they were going to be famous, so I guess I have to try to revise it now.

I read a piece by I think Roberto Bolano that said that if you're going to work on short stories, you should be working on more than one at a time, five or six if you can hack it. I seem to have that down. And since I now have a story "making the rounds", it seems more like there's a point to editing them. If I could get one out there per month, that would be sweet. I am so slow at editing, that's probably not realistic.

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