Friday, January 01, 2010

from my phone...

Yeah, couldn't do it. Phone would not recognize the body textbox so I could enter text. Oh well. Maybe I'll try again later.

We were having dinner on New Year's Eve, and I had one of those stupid epiphanies. You know why we're all in debt so much? Because financial debt doesn't work like biological debt. When you don't sleep for a day, you don't sleep double the next day to make up for it; you sleep like 25% more for a couple of days, and then you're back to normal. When you forget to eat for a day, you don't eat 5000 calories the next day; you eat a little more, and you're back to normal. So sleep debt and food debt require you to pay less when you miss a payment. But if you forget to pay your credit card bill, you have to pay twice as much to make up for it, plus a penalty.

I wonder what it all means.

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