Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Scenes about food

While editing away on Unicorn yesterday, I had one of those stunning realizations that stems from VP. It starts with a comment that Bear wrote on my manuscript, during a long restaurant scene: "This is not interesting". Um, yeah.

Anyway, my VP roommate Marion read Unicorn, and she commented during the food scene that she was unclear what the story was about. I chewed on that for about a month, and finally realized that the scene was not actually progressing plot or theme, and its relationship to character development was tenuous. I immediately cut large portions of it, even though it made me sad, because those were pretty words.

So this is a Robyn's Rule: Seriously rethink any scene that involves food.

And when I went to AbsoluteWrite, my phone was in the ad. I love my new phone.

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