Monday, December 07, 2009

My superhero name is Miss Interpretation

Every conversation can be turned into "Did you call me fat?" though more often lately it ends with "that's what she said."

Friday I sent a draft of a manual to the team, and today the engineer who makes all the changes and doesn't tell me (or anyone else) about them sent me comments. "I've been looking at your manual. It's wonderful!" I had no idea how to respond. My best guess is he noticed that I'd noticed all the things he'd done to the interface. That was, naturally, followed by four pages of corrections of everything I'd got wrong.

I should send this to the rest of my team at work. They misinterpret each other's writing all the time! We're tech writers, of course, so that's a problem.

Today it snowed about a millimeter, but I was wearing the wrong shoes and I skidded home. But B has snowtires, so the trip to yoga was safe. Now, I guess I should get to the end of this story's second pass. I want it under 5000, but it's crept somehow up to 5800 (last draft was 5400). Not sure how that's happening.

And I got boots in the mail. They fit over my giant calves, and they are purple.

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