Friday, October 16, 2009

Still about VP

Today I subscribed to Locus, because of Viable Paradise. Yeah, I want to see my picture.

The strangest question I've been asked, since I got back, was one I was asked twice. And the gist of it was: "So what's your next step -- revise the book, and then take it back next year?"

Um, no, I tell people. The next step is to revise the book and then send it to agents and publishers. Completely different. My goal is not to wind up in that cycle of just going to workshops all the time. Workshopping is a level-up for me, but it's not the level I want to sit at for years and years.

And on that note, I've made it all the way through "Unicorn" (the short story I had up on OWW) again. It's 1K shorter, which is good. I think one more pass, and it's good to go.

Though I keep saying that. I've been working on this story for a year.

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