Sunday, October 18, 2009

Enough about VP; let me tell you about my VPstory

We each had to write a 5000-word story. It was for an editor for an imaginary steampunk magazine. We had to pin them on the wall for our peers to read. Friday afternoon during our oath, we had to promise to work on the story, and send it out until we had exhausted all markets for it.

So this morning, I started editing it again. And since we normally start too early in the story, what I did was, I tacked 150 words onto the beginning! Much better now.


matt said...

Unicorns. You can never have enough unicorns.

Robyn said...

There's only one unicorn, but it does keep cropping up. You had the unicorn assignment, didn't you?

matt said...

That I did. Not terribly thrilled with it so its sitting in the drawer gathering dust and some time.

Now, the writing prompt that involved a jester going on a rampage in an orphanage, that I might work on.