Monday, November 03, 2008

Typing Moraine

So if I wrote less than four more pages long hand on Moraine, and then called it over, it shouldn't have added that many more words, maybe 600. So I typed it up on Saturday, and added a little bit (mostly parenthetical statements of "fact check that"), and now it's over 8000. I don't think it merits more than 5000, but maybe I'm wrong. Also, the market I picked to target the story to (I'm thinking this may be a method to motivate myself) doesn't really publish things longer than 5000 words...

I made myself a to-do list for it, and if I can do one item per day, that would be good, and then I can let someone read it. Because there's at least one person who's whining about "why don't you let me read things? You know I can read your handwriting..." Um, because my first drafts are crap?
  • Remove 1000 words
  • Ester doesn't want to run away, per se...
  • Remove 1000 more words
  • Fix Dave's backstory (it's a jumble now)
  • Remove 1000 more words

I could go on.

And I started something else. I'm calling it "Watcher". It's about surveillance cameras.

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