Monday, November 10, 2008

Moraine has been read by another human

Friday I printed out a draft, and I let Ed read it. He didn't say it sucked, he didn't call it unoriginal, and he seemed to have liked some aspects of it, so I guess that's good. He confirmed that I need to work on the Uncle Dave character. I think I need to flesh out his history a bit on scrap paper.

Yesterday we were discussing the story over dinner after a walk in Stouffville (the point was to walk on the OR Moraine) and the boy got peeved that he hadn't gotten to read the wretched story. I told him he could read the next draft. So I guess I have two volunteer readers now.

And then, I was doing basically data entry on some markups I'd done on the printout (reorganized and tightened the opening a little bit) and my wordcount actually fell below 6000! 5998. It does want to be shorter. I thought so.

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

So soon two humans will have read the story! UNDER 6,000 words? Good for you.