Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm on the social committee at work. Because I'm a writer, they often ask me to whip something up for some pitch somewhere. We're starting our annual corporate charity donation campaign with a raffle for sports tickets for a game tomorrow night.

So I wrote:
"Tired of spending Halloween cowering at home with the lights off so people
won't knock on your door and demand candy? * Tired of the yearly ritual of
walking your kids around the neighbourhood, because they wear all-black costumes
and masks they can't see out of? Here's something better you could do on
Halloween Night!

* Note: the draw will be held October 29th, so if you don't win, there
are still a couple of days to pick up some candy to give out, if you're so
inclined. "

And that became:

"Looking for an alternate way to spend Halloween?"

Apparently they were afraid I was going to offend somebody.

This made me very sad.

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