Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle

Why I read it: Well, I didn't really, not this time through. I read parts of it to the boy, but then he moved on and read the rest of it and the sequel himself. It was about a month ago. I'm only mentioning it now because it's banned books week and I didn't really realize that it was a "most challenged" book.

Bookmark: Probably a Yugioh card or something.

Tastes like Chicken: This one for me is like Shakespeare or the bible. I've read it so many times, it doesn't compare to anything else. Other things compare to it (I almost wrote IT there, and that wouldn't have been good).

What I liked: Familiarity. I also liked that the boy finally read the thing.

What I hated: As an adult, and having probably read this book five or six times before, the religious content seemed heavy-handed. I never noticed that before. It seems just absurd to me that anyone would think that references to witches (Mrs Which) and crystal balls would be offensive. And also all that non-standard religious fare I guess offended people.

Lessons learned: Read things again. You get something else the next time through. (Not that I really need reminding about that.)

The boy thought the ending was lame, but that didn't stop him from reading the next book in the series, and then asking me to get the third out of the library for him. I can see his point. the ending was kind of pat and simple, and doesn't fit in with where YA seems to go these days... percocet and prostitution and stuff like that.

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