Saturday, August 09, 2008

Toothbrush: My 400th day in detention

Or so it seems. Worked on the wretched thing for about an hour and a half.
  • Wrote two scenes that were from my notes from last weekend. The two scenes were all about my fairies' motives. Oh, and their clothes. Fairies' clothes are very important.
  • Tried to make two of the settings more consistent, but probably just made them more boring and illogical. I found myself trying to do keyword searches in order to find all the instances where things were, well, not what I'm going for now (what I was going for last year being something completely different). Some of the techniques I use in technical writing, like "search and replace" just don't translate well to fiction, where consistency of terminology would make my prose seem as boring as, well, a computer manual. And no one wants to read those.
  • Considered adding the backstory I thought of a couple of days ago, but couldn't bring myself to do it (I will -- it needs to be done).
  • Refigured one character again. How many times will I rewrite her? I hope none. It all goes towards making my setting more believable. How many schools have a dental hygienist in 2008? I'm thinking none.

Maybe I'll figure out how to work that backstory in while I'm sleeping tonight, and I'll wake up in the morning raring to go at it. But somehow I doubt it. I will have to push, rather than it pushing at me. It only ever pushes at me when there's no way I can work on it "right now". It sucks.

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