Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last week I went on my annual Maine vacation, where I usually see my dad and one if not more of my sisters. Before I went, I had to work a Saturday morning in order to get some TW projects done, so I used the office printer to print "Toothbrushing Club" on scrap paper (It adds an extra dimension to the story to see hardware installation instructions on the backs, right?). I stuck it in a binder, and I took it on vacation with me, meaning to mark it up with a copy-edit while I was away from the computer.

Didn't do that.

Anyway, I showed the binder to my dad and my sister, but neither of them was exactly chomping at the bit to read the thing. They flipped through, I guess.

Saturday morning, my dad asked to look at it again. I thought, awesome, this is my chance for some actual feedback!

Apparently not.

My dad totally fixated on "What font is this?" Times New Roman (windows default body text) "What size is it?" 10, again the default. "Is this double-spaced?" Yes. "How did you make the spreadsheet list of chapters at the back?" That was Excel. "How did you get it to look so good?" I printed it double-spaced on the office laserjet. "Why didn't you start new chapters on new pages?" Because I'm cheap and lazy. "How did you get it to number correctly?" It's one giant Word file. On and on, for about an hour.

Oh well. I guess at least it looks good.

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

Oh dear! It's amazing what grabs other people's attention, isn't it?