Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Outwitting Poison Ivy" by Susan Carol Hauser

Believe it or not, nothing to do with the Batman character. But you can't go wrong with a 100-page factbook about poison ivy written by someone who has a couple of books of poetry listed in the front flap, right?

I bought this book back in April for my sister, who has a lot of poison ivy growing in her yard and is afflicted every year. I learned lots of awesome facts. You can get it from petting a dog. If you burn poison ivy and and breathe in the smoke, that's a bad thing. if you go swimming in water with poison ivy growing right up to the edge, you can get poison ivy. Don't bother trying to dig up the roots. It's related to mangos and cashews and pistachios.

Seemed long for the amount of content, however. Repetitive. I read in an amazon review that this book was a must-have for the well-stocked medicine cabinet. Who has a book about poison ivy in their medicine cabinet? I don't even have a girl guides first aid book.

Apparently everyone who visits my house is lucky they don't leave by body bag.


Robyn said...

Commenting is SO not disabled.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know who I am now, but I can comment.

ed said...

Well, it isn't now, but it was before...... I hope Dawn actually reads the book. It might make her life better. I suppose we should have given it to her... a few months ago.

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