Thursday, January 10, 2008

New for 2008 -- Saturday Night Rewrites

It all started when one of the other writers in my office left last November. I may have gotten taken advantage of with what seemed like a disproportionate amount or his work dumped on me (temporarily, I hope). Anyway, so I found myself one weekend knowing that a major project I had picked up needed an index, and needed it soon because who knew when the thing was going to product release (still any day now). So one Friday evening I backed up the entire manual onto a thumb drive and brought it home to work on during the weekend.

This was actually a watershed moment for me. I had six hours in my weekend, every weekend! that I didn't know about. Sure, sometimes when we're done with our Saturday activities, we rent a movie or go to a friend's, but most of the time, that time is mine, and I didn't know about it. I usually frittered it away with knitting while watching home improvement shows, and even when I did have a social activity, well... I bet I waste a lot of Friday nights, too. "What Not to Wear" isn't that important, really.

So, seeing as I have no trouble finding time to write 1st drafts, and the real lack in my life is any sort of time for structural or line editing, I hereby declare Saturday to be Rewrite Night. Two hours, minimum.

We'll see how it goes.

(I did it last Saturday, and it went pretty well. It was hard to sit down and start, but once I got going, Ed had to pull me away.)


ed said...

I really did have to. She was so completely absorbed in it...

longge said...

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