Saturday, June 17, 2006

Today the camera co-operated with the mouse

I just got back from my weekly run, and I am melting all over my chair. I could feel for about the last ten minutes that I was dehydrated, and that's never good. It's supposed to be 32 degrees today.

Luna Posted by Picasa
I named it after Luna Lovegood on the boy's suggestion.

My what a poor photo this is. If I knew how to make it thumbnail size perhaps it would look better. However, it does prove that the latest sweater in my obsession with Barbara Walker's Top-down Set-in-sleeve is going to fit just fine. It will also be an awesome and often worn addition to my wardrobe, I'm sure. It needs another row of white, and then will finish off with black ribbing.

I have decided to get over my obsession with not posting decent photos of stuff I designed myself, since who am I kidding? I have no real plans or desire to publish this stuff in a magazine.

More on my current obsession with people who complain about parents who leave work at quitting time to get their kids... I can understand the other side of the problem. When I don't have to get the boy after work, I have a hard time figuring out when to go home. Perhaps what we need is people encouraging us to leave more often.

Actual exchange between the president of my division and a co-worker's little boy yesterday:

President: How old are you?
Boy: Three-and-a-half.
President: When do you turn four?
Boy: On my birthday.

Career-limiting child, or what?

Actual exchange between me and my son:

Boy: Did you... paint your toenails?
Me: (now following him around the house trying to get him to admire the color) Yes, isn't this a great color? It's orange. Come on, look at it.
Boy: Yeah. Nice. Can I play runescape?

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