Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Disorganization Continues

Well, the psychotic relationship between my camera and Baffy here continues. I'm trying to upload pictures, but I may have to do that at work, then mail them to myself to upload them from home (since I'm not supposed to install software on office computers, which is probably a good rule, though inconvenient).

I'm going to try once more. Perhaps I won't choose Canon's software this time.

Prairie Tank, Sock and Book I Read Posted by Picasa

I have no idea where I was going with this picture, but here it is. The book was good. The boy made me read it.

Prairie Blocking Posted by Picasa

And this is Prairie blocked. It's finished now. I've even worn it. I finished Sigyn, too. The socks are not done, however.

I have many things to rant about. I'll try to choose just one. Today in Salon's Broadsheet I read an entry that was all about parents who leave work at 6 to go get their kids, and non-parent coworkers who feel put out by it. I have just one thing to say: No one is getting paid to work after six (presumably) and the parent is using it as a good excuse. And good for him/her. I work with someone who has recently bought a condo (single male, no kids) and I don't feel at all guilty going to get the boy when IT'S TIME TO LEAVE because I spent no time on the phone with my real estate agent. Oh, and if you want to leave to have a life too, for god's sake, just say so. I won't hold it against you.

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