Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I love pasta. Yesterday I got new yarn from Elann called Filatura di Crossa Pasta in four colours: Black-n-tan, Strawberry, Gingham Pink and Vanilla Bean. I swatched some Strawberry during break at band practice.

Filatura di Crosa Pasta, mmmm... Posted by Hello

People kept asking me what I was making, to which I responded, "a swatch." Duh. What's it going to be? Three summer tank tops, assuming seven balls (1050 m) is enough for one. "Am I really going to make it that small?" Uh, no. It's neat, though. I've never used ribbon yarn before.

Maybe I'll cast on for real tonight. Or maybe I'll rip out the three-and-a-half rows of fair isle on Sting, which I'm not happy with, and which I just worked out a better peerie for. I've been unsatisfied with my peerie for two days now, and trying to come up with one for probably two weeks.

Sting, since you don't know, is the yarn that I had originally designated for Moor from Rowan's Yorkshire Fable. But with all these ideas floating around in my head, isn't it better to use one up than to knit something by someone else? And I was planning to knit Moor in the round and steek it anyway, so I was still going to have to think for myself and do math and the like.

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