Tuesday, March 08, 2005

IK, or Just what Mar told me to do

Last Friday I sent a design package to Interweave Knits. It's my favourite knitting magazine, so I'd really like to be published there. I won't post a picture of the submission, just say it's based on some of my spiral ideas, it's a sweater named Sigyn (She was the wife of Loki in Asgard -- as opposed to the Orgress wife of Loki who spawned all those evil monsters), and I will knit it when the swatch comes back, whether IK buys it or not. I like it that much. I got the idea from helping the boy with a project about mythology.

Sunday I finished the second black Vine Lace sock. I didn't take a picture. I wore them yesterday. They are comfortable.

Wednesday I got Peruvian Silk Alpaca yarn from Elann in two colors, Peridot and Mocha Cream. I bought 20 balls of each. I was thinking it might be suitable for AS Aberlady or Cables and Lace from GOL. If I make the smallest size, it might be enough yarn.

Elann Baby Silk Posted by Hello

Before I start anything with it, or start Moor from Yorkshire Fable, I need to finish at least the back of Jean Moss's Manhattan. I did about 14 rows last night, so I must have less than eight centimetres to the shoulders.

Oh, and work on Admonition. I've got one sleeve done, part of the body and the second sleeve started. I started the body, but set it aside on waste yarn until I'd seen what a sleeve would look like and how much yarn it would use, and then started the second sleeve rather than put the body back together so I could get the satisfaction of finishing another ball of yarn.

Admonition back Posted by Hello

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