Monday, June 11, 2018

In progress -- May 2018

Daily efforts
That horror novel: Maybe 35,000 words? Or is that what I said last month. I set this aside for days and days as I wrote fresh content for WWS.
I also added a bit to that huge pile of notes for that vague project I haven’t “started”. And I edited chapter 10 (where that fresh content is) of WWS.

The reason these updates come so late  sometimes is because I mean to post something to OWW, and if I can just get it together to do that... but then I don't because I don't really have an editing system. And here we are. No accomplishments for May. June will be better!

Critted 4
Got back 4


I need to work on my subbing system too.

Ann Boleyn (1998). Started the month with 25 rows left on the body. Now I’m on the edging. I’m pretty excited that I will finish this project someday.  Someday in June.

Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me). Planned intarsia for back (this took hours!) and set it all up. This needs to be finished before November.
Nukumori (Knitty Winter 2017). Finished.
Sewed a slipcover for a chair. It looks really good, especially compared to the wreck the chair was before.

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