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What I read -- October 2017

“In the Sanctuary of Wings” by Marie Brennan. The boy got this for his birthday, and when he was done he kind of sat looking at me expectantly until I started it.The ending was quite satisfactory, though at a point I was kind of thinking, "oh really?" when Isabella first gets to the sanctuary place. The memoir is an interesting form, since you know the main character is going to survive.

“Queen of the South” by Arturo Perez Reverte. My father’s last book recommendation, so I requested it from the library. It’s also my final request from 2016, so I guess I have a feeling of accomplishment? I found the language… I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t the target audience of the translator. It was quite good and I can see why my dad liked it. It shared his attitude towards women, that’s for sure. I guess the sequel will be all about coping with the baby’s FAS though.

“Lying” by Sam Harris. The boy forced this on me, and it was enlightening and a good read.

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In Process, Jan 2010

Manners. First draft novel. 80% complete. "Dolphin". Short Story. Editing -- just finished the 3rd draft. Got the POV right now. "Bezoar". Short Story. Third draft. Made some really good progress with this one this month. Last night in my big mission was to make it clear in the first five pages what this story is about, because I seem to have a problem with that. And rather than write first, then knit, I edited and knitted at the same time. When I try to make the changes in the soft copy today, I guess I'll see how that worked. Printed some of the karate zombie thing, never really worked on it. Felt like going back to Toothbrush maybe. Extremely poor focus this month. My interior life has gone all haywire. I need beta blockers or adderal or both.

Pre-writing procrastination

But now the floor under the dining room computer is really clean!

And I did a few pages of edits to Dolphin. This weekend, I will finish the activity of changing the POV, add in the bit about the nightmares, and rewrite the ending. And then, I will have written the second draft.