Wednesday, November 02, 2016

In Process -- October 2016

1st draft
Continued Season 11 Writing Excuses exercises. This month included writing the same story twice, which was interesting, and an outline that I really like.
“Labyrinth Moon”. Oh my god the “he said” “you said” !!! I can’t believe I almost thought this was done back in June.

“Volcano”. Gender-swapped the main characters, which gave me a chance to totally refresh my interest in the story, if nothing else. 

OWW seems to be interfering with my editing time. I suspected this would happen...

Critted 7
Got back 4


Ann Boleyn (1998).  Still on that sleeve, last month I had one pattern rep done. This month I did nothing. I think one of the rules I need to make is I have to finish both sleeves of this before I buy more yarn. 
Mont St. Martin gift socks. I’d done the cuffs in September. Finished. Due to the current yarn diet, these are made from yarn I had around the house, so I’m a little insecure about them.
Gift (other thing). This was half-done in September, knit actually from a pattern I got published in a magazine quite a few years ago. Finished.
Gift (other other thing). Started…
Duck Baby booties. This turned into a nightmare. I’ve done these before and they came out fine. I was using random sock yarn leftover from whatever and the needles specified in the pattern, and I knit one bootie and thought, “this is kind of large, maybe I made a mistake somewhere.” So I knit the second one looking for where I might have gone wrong, and did the knitted-on Icord and everything and it came out just as big as the first one. So I went looking for the smallest needles I own, and I started again. The first one came out perfect, of course. Apparently gauge matters.

I also finished sewing a pair of shorts I started at least a year ago. Pathetic. 

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