Monday, October 03, 2016

In Process -- September 2016

1st draft
Continued Season 11 Writing Excuses exercises.
“The ex-magician’s apprentice”. 4000-word short story, finally done.
Then I got to turn to editing Volcano again, and then a couple more short things. It’s neat to be trying to write really short things as exercises. I wish I’d started doing this a while ago.
“Labyrinth Moon”. I don’t know when I’ll be ready to commit to this as done, but it must be close.
“The Cicatrix Diary”. Ignored.
“Volcano”. Started the month with 800 words to remove to get it under 5000 (which was my goal). Used it in some of the month’s exercises.
 “Imp Face”. Trimmed the middle and improved the ending.
“Top of the Stairs”. Typed and did one editing pass, then put on the shop…
I’m trying a different thing here where rather than editing it to death myself I let other people (hopefully) provide suggestions on that.

Went to a friend’s reading (actually missed my friend reading due to being trapped in a long line at the Tim Horton’s drive through) which morphed into a workshop and there were a few publishers there – my mother’s publisher was one of them which was neat. He remembered her!
Critted 6
Got back 1 crit on the one story, put up another story, got 1 crit on that too.

I think I might have figured out at long last how to be critted finally. It’s not about the words they say, it’s about my attitude going in, what my goal is. I think before I was wanting people to tell me I was genius. In my head I knew that was not the right way to do to it, but, well, let’s say I’m getting more out of this workshopping thing than I did last time. So win.


Ann Boleyn (1998).  Having restarted the sleeve, I had enthusiasm for it again, so I did an entire pattern repeat.
Gift socks. Done.
More gift socks. started.
Gift (other thing). Started.

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