Tuesday, September 06, 2016

What I read -- August 2016

“Massacre at Mountain Meadows” by Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley, and Glen M. Leonard.  Sarah Monette (KatherineAddison) read and reviewed it a couple of weeks ago, and it sounded really interesting, and then I accidentally requested it from the library, so then I was stuck. But this was actually pretty interesting even if it wasn’t what I meant to read next.
I'm always fascinated by the way proper historians think. Good history books are aware of what ideas they don’t have facts to support, and these authors made it very clear what they were guessing about. Plus it’s a fascinating piece of history that I knew nothing about. 

“TheThief” by Megan Whalen Turner. Reread because I came across book 4 at Bakka. My notes say I first read this in September of 2006. It’s still a fantastic read. I love how Sounis, Eddis, and Attolia are the names of countries and their regents.

“TheQueen of Attolia” by Megan Whalen Turner. Because what was the point of reading just book 1? When I brought home book 1, I told the boy I knew he didn’t love these books the way I did, but I bought it anyway. And he said he didn’t hate these books, it’s just that his 12-year-old self didn’t think Gen should have to lose his hand. 

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