Tuesday, August 02, 2016

In Process -- July 2016

1st draft
Continued Season 11 Writing Excuses exercises
“The Cicatrix Diary”. I seem to have abandoned this story.
“Volcano”. There was a plot but the characters were thin. Writing Excuses gave me an idea of what it needed.
“Labyrinth Moon”. So close to done last month. I had a plan for this one, which fell apart due to unrealistic expectations on my part.
“Imp Face”. The Writing Excuses exercise was about adding a subtext of Element of Wonder.

Rejoined the online writing workshop. It was time. Put one thing up, critted one thing, got one crit that I haven’t looked at yet.


Ann Boleyn (1998).  I started the month with just the shoulder short rows done. That was five colors of the ten. When I added color 6 in, I started having angst and almost ripped it out, but then I just kept going because what the heck, and it’s fine. I knitted down to the start of the first sleeve and started that, but I think it’s too narrow and maybe too short so I’m going to take that out and do another inch of chest I think.
Folded mini dress. I had five folded pattern repeats done at the start of the month. I did two more (one more than required, but I want it a little longer) and just yesterday I made it to the split for armholes, so it’s almost done.  

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