Friday, July 08, 2016

In process -- June 2016

Okay, I give up on ever actually achieving my goals with this month, it being more than a week past over. Here's what I did. 

1st draft
“Water Leopard”.
Had roughly 60K at the start of the month and wanted it over. Now it’s done.
Which is good, because my idea was to do exercises instead, because I have plenty of first drafts and I’m not sure they get better. This will increase my editing time and focus I hope… I’ve started with the Season 11 Writing Excuses exercises. Though in the interest of my own sanity I also devoted about six days to my karate essay.

“The Cicatrix Diary”. Ignored
“Volcano”. Did 2nd draft. The writing excuses exercises were useful on this actually.
“Labyrinth Moon”. Changed the name and did three drafts, and I’m so close to calling it done.
“Imp Face”. Writing Excuses got me to revisit this one too.

Did a self-editing workshop. Didn’t really connect.

nothing but I have an excuse. It was my karate essay!

DragonFruit Socks. Finished.
Boot Topper Socks. Finished.
Ann Boleyn (1998).  Like a crazy person, I decided to do it top-down with set-in sleeves, and apply some shape to the typical AS box. So what I’ve done mostly is figuring so far.
Folded mini dress. Seemed like a good project for vacation. Found an error in the pattern almost immediately, which Ravelry confirmed. Yay ravelry! I’ve done 5 pattern repeats of the six required, and I’ll probably do an extra one. I have plenty of yarn.

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