Monday, January 04, 2016

In process: December 2015

1st draft
“Water Leopard”.
22,000 words?


"Food Insecurity". I might not actually have worked on this. December quickly descended into desperately knitting gifts.
"Lucky Kate”.
I’ve got some notes.

“Clairvology”. Research mostly.

"Milo". There wasn’t much to this actually, and while I remember what I was trying to do, this story doesn’t do it. Yet. The second draft will be closer, at least. I've got some notes.

Apparently I don't do this anymore


Rust Damask Jacket (Takle & Kolstadt). Started one sleeve, worked on the body a bit.
Hoodie (Norah Gaughan VK S/S 2005).
After starting and frogging the hood maybe six times, the sleeves seemed like a better travel project. Finished one. Then went back to the front and finished the right hood and right front, and I’m maybe 8 rows from the left hood. Also started the second sleeve.

Gift item #5. Finished.

Gift item #6. Finished.

No more gifts for a while, k? That was four pairs of socks, a cowl, and a pair of legwarmers. I designed the cowl and legwarmers. Everything seemed well-received.

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