Friday, December 04, 2015

In Process -- November 2015

First Draft
“Food Insecurity”. Missing bits.
“Water Leopard”. I didn’t do nanowrimo, because the last thing I need is something to cut into my editing time. First drafts are not the problem. But I would have done this, if I was doing it. So I started it. I had 7900 words to start. Now there are probably 6000 more.  

“Food Insecurity”. Typed missing bits, made the ending and the beginning match a bit better. Deleted a thousand words, then added in a different thousand. Edited some more. 
“Lucky Kate”. Read it and hemmed and hawed. Really I need to do a last copy edit and call it done.
Clairvology”. Research mostly.
“Milo”. Typed. There wasn’t much to this actually, and while I remember what I was trying to do, this story doesn’t do it. Yet. 



Rust Damask Jacket (Takle & Kolstadt). Finished first ball of dark rust and second ball of medium rust. I’m past the armholes on the body, so that’s something.
Gift item #3. Done. 
Gift item #4. Done.
St. Anthony. Ripped out one strip and redid, tightening the neckline so it doesn’t flap. Much better now, and I can wear it. Win! 
Hoodie (Norah Gaughan VK S/S 2005). Amazing, this has been in my queue for ten years! I am so old. Started because I needed something easy, and also because after I finished and fixed all that other stuff, I deserved something for myself. Back is done, started hood. 

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