Friday, January 02, 2015

In Process --- December 2014

First Draft
Limering”. Around 111,000 words, and draft. I had made a note for something completely different and was struggling along and realized that note was exactly what I needed to wrap all this up. Stupid subconscious and its erratic filing system!
“The Tale of the Tail”. Something light and short for a nice change. Done!
“Lucky Kate”. This one appears as a page-a-day every year or so, doesn’t it? I think this time I have the right plot so the middle of the story will match the beginning and the end. 

“Wind/Water/Salt”. I had finished November struggling to make sense of Chapter 4, NaNoEditMo having been pretty much a bust. In December I started moving all sorts of sections around in chapters 5-10, and made it so I couldn’t figure out where I was, so I spent a couple of weeks just staring at the binder and opening the word file. Then I hit on the idea of fixing one character’s POV, and that was the wedge. I’m now rewriting chapter 6. There’s a lot of work to do!
“Lucky Kate”. I needed something small to carry around while I was away, in case I felt like editing (as if!). So I cut all the bad sections out of this really quickly and printed off the “good” 14 pages. If New Year’s is about starting as you mean to go on, I didn’t start that well. I pulled this out at about 11 pm last night, way too late to do any good.



“Ceremonial Armour” (Kaffe Fassett, knit from a photo). Slogging away on second sleeve (but really mostly ignored. I need to work on this, if only so I can get the massive pile of balls of yarn put away). 
“St. Anthony’s Ribbon” (self-designed). Body to armholes, first sleeve attached, second sleeve finished but not attached.
Angee Socks (Sock Innovation). Done.
Shorts by Joan McGowan Michael. Done.
Mugwarmers (2014 knitting calendar). One of my colleagues gave me a “pattern-a-day” calendar for Christmas last year, and she asked if I’d made anything from it yet. That made me feel guilty, and guilt is a great motivator. I made five of these suckers. They take about an hour each. After the third, I got bored and started deviating from the pattern, which improved things. 
Pirate socks. Ed accidentally took one to work in his sweatshirt, and while itching, pulled it out in a meeting. One of his colleagues said “is that a pirate sock?” He said yes, and she asked if I took commissions. Ahem, just this once. Then the person kind of asked for a pair for someone else and I wigged out. I want to knit something for myself for a change!
Vinterlys (Norsk Strikkedesign). Lace and cable panel started.

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