Tuesday, November 04, 2014

What I read -- October 2014

“Jhereg” by Steven Brust. Yet another book I probably read because of Marie Brennan. It’s a caper, and very fast. The plotting reminded me of Diana Wynne Jones. The boy read the back (the scene were Vlad gets the jhereg egg) and thought it wasn’t a real bargain, but it’s one of the questions that kept me reading – what are the circumstances that make the little dragon want to make such a deal?

“Yendi” by Steven Brust. Having bought the omnibus, it only seemed logical to keep going and read the next novel. I always feel weird counting books separately when they’re in the same volume, but what do you do? I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the meaning of the title.

“Teckla” by Steven Brust. Book 3. Ed wanted to read the volume when I was done, so I guessed I should finish. I could see why he said in the intro that this would be a poor place to start. I found it rather stressful to read. In fact, I almost didn’t finish in fact. I really wanted one character in particular to just die already. I might have only finished because it was short. Which won’t necessarily preclude me from reading the next one. The ending was awesome, and the plotting as usual brilliant.

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