Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What I read -- June 2014

“Homeland and other stories” by Barbara Kingsolver. Someone gave it to me when they were done with it. I was hoping for magic realism, but there was just too much realism to me. A couple of the stories were good, but most made me go Meh. The one that took place in the Petrified Forest stuck with me, and the one about the family road trip to Cherokee, Tenn. They were good stories and everything, but.

“Parasite” by Mira Grant. At first I was wondering if six years was long enough for an adult to start from nothing and be a functional adult, but then I thought, kids have it rough because they’re trying to learn all these things while they’re experiencing constant change at the same time, so sometimes being in a non-growing body with consistent (even if cyclical) hormones would be easier to learn. There were almost too many similarities between this and Newsflesh, but ultimately I didn’t care, it was a fabulous read.

“Shattered Pillars” by Elizabeth Bear. Book 2!

“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larrson. Ed read this in two days. I took it camping and read it in two days too! The writing was tawdry, but the plot was amazing.

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