Tuesday, May 06, 2014


One of the problems with teaching acro to adults, I gather, is finding coaches. We tend to wear them out quickly. Spotting kids is easy. Grownups weigh a ton, and our  brains get in the way of being able to do moves our bodies could do.

Hence, it was a wonderful thing when I was doing "bouncy cartwheels" on the air track last night and I said to my coach, "I really feel like I could do an arial on here," and he said "Next turn I'll spot you."

He doesn't normally spot unless he knows you can do a move already, and just need the little bit of confidence to push you over. Not like it helped. One of my hands still insisted on going on the ground. But, it didn't touch hard. Next class it will go better!

Here's a drawing I did during a meeting last week. That's what my hands should do. Alas.

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