Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Advice, on receiving

I wish I remember how we got on the subject, but I don't so I suppose I should let it go. But Ed asked me would I take advice from Anne McCaffrey (yes), Robert Jordan (yes), Nathaniel Brandon (yes), GRRM (yes), Orson Scott Card (yes).* And then he said "who wouldn't you take writing advice from?"

I can't think of anyone.

Advice is what it is, I think. As a writer, I'm open to people giving it, though I can pick through and choose the bits I want to actually use -- an acquired skill, from OWW and VP and working as a TW.

But then, later this may change.

Updated to add:  I just remembered who I said I might not take advice from, after thinking and thinking. I said William Shatner, because I'm not sure he really wrote all those Tekwar books. But thinking about it later, being an actor and having read many, many scripts, I bet he's got a really good sense of plot.

*Not sure I got all the names right, but they're not important -- the gist is.

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