Monday, April 02, 2012

What I read -- March 2012

OWW: Nothing.

“In Ashes Lie” by Marie Brennan. Sometimes I let Ed read something when I’m done with it, and he loves it and goes to the library and requests everything else in the series. And then of course I’m committed. This was good, but I liked the first one better.

“A Star Shall Fall” by Marie Brennan.
It was nice to have less Lune. “Fairfax”, which is my current major project, is a historical fantasy, I suppose. It’s neat to see an example of pulling off successfully all the research that is required to make that work. It seems like every day I write something and think to myself, “I’ll have to look that up later,” whether it be about what the houses would have looked like, what they would have been made out of, what the people would have eaten... The two books I’ve read are not enough. I’m not sure anything will ever be enough.

“With Fate Conspire” by Marie Brennan. Toronto Public Library provided me with a bit of a respite on finishing the fourth book of this series (Ed had to renew it for me) since they went on strike. Not that I strictly approve of librarians going on strike – I have mixed feelings, and unfortunately not much of a clue about the issues, and think they’re sometimes playing into the enemy’s hand by being closed and hence saving the city money that the city shouldn’t save, and I work in high tech so I’m not unionized so I don’t get overtime pay but that doesn’t mean that other people shouldn’t, and don’t like myself when I argue about that sort of thing because employee relations shouldn’t be a race to the bottom and on and on.

These were really good books and have probably ruined me for the next thing I read, which won't have the same awesome richness, but at the same time I was happy to go to the library for my next reserved book (the strike ended Friday) and see that it was only 274 pages.

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