Thursday, November 24, 2011

Flash fiction challenge: Frog prince

The challenge is here. This is something I had lying around that I wrote originally in March 2009. Maybe I'll post the whole 650-word version tomorrow.

The bouncy ball was bisphenol-b. When the princess accidentally tossed it into a well, it sank to the bottom.

A frog croaked, "I'll fetch it for you, for a kiss."

"Okay," the princess said.

"Kiss, then ball," the frog said.

Their lips touched. The frog grew and the green localized to tights and a jacket; obviously a prince. The princess forgot about the ball.

They didn't live happily ever after. As a frog, the prince had absorbed a lot of pseudo-estrogens. His vestigial third leg gave the princess the willies, and his sperm count was insufficient to provide heirs, anyway.

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