Monday, May 02, 2011

In process -- April 2011

First Draft

Pause. I had a really hard time with this one keeping it on track. I knew where I wanted the story to go, but I just couldn’t get it to go there. It’s going to take a lot of editing to make it into the story I want it to be.

Ian’s Dad’s Ashes. Start-to-finish April 18, 2011, 1900 words.

Geese. First draft was 261 words and 16 sentences and took about 20 minutes to write on April 26. Since the target was 3 sentences, I had some work to do. However, my strategy was to write the whole story and “fix it in post”.

Chickpea. Short story, just started. It’s a post-zombie-apocalypse retelling of The Princess and the Pea. At three pages long, it’s still in the stage where I like it, before I wreck it by trying to write it down.


“Bezoar”. Mostly I carried this around. Since I restructured the ending, I needed to read the ending again to make sure it made sense what I’d done, and smooth it out.

Ian’s Dad’s Ashes. Typed April 19, 2011. Second draft April 20, 2011 (1400 words). Third draft April 21, 2011 (995 words) and posted. Ed read it, and thought it worked.

Geese. Over four drafts, I got I guess a story. Not terribly enamored of it, though.


  • “Succubus”. Short story; working on 2nd draft

  • Troll.

  • Pampelmouse.

  • “Imp Face”. Needs to be typed.

  • “Karate Zombies”. Another friend has asked to read it.

  • “Dowsing”.

  • One degree.

  • "The Rabbits"

Being reviewed

Apophis. Really did get on OWW. Ed read it, also. I guess things I leave on the kitchen table are fair game. However, reading the crits, I get the feeling maybe the purpose of my life is to make other people look better in comparison. Oof.

Geese and Ian’s Dad’s Ashes are both around here somewhere, so if you feel the urge, read and comment. If nothing else, these Chuck Wendig challenges are making me put actual stories in a position where they can be read, and are forcing me to finish things.


Morrigan. Still ignoring

Doubleknit Fair Isle shawl. Finished the knitting April 13! Tied in the ends April 22-23! Blocked April 24! It’s really done.

Convertible-a-Go-Go Socks. I’m at the heel on the first sock, and also cast on for the separate cuff. I’m using Noro sock yarn, and the buttons are really unpleasant. However, I do have buttons! I bought them last week.

Cormorant. Back, both fronts, and both sleeves are done. I’ve started the seaming, and there’s a lot of finishing on it – the whole peplum is part of “finishing”.

Avalon armwarmers. I don’t know why I even put this on needles, as I’ve been ignoring it since. Wishful thinking, I guess. They’ll be great when they’re done. I did pull out my notebook to find out how I’d done them in the first place so I can continue in the same vein.

Went to the knitter’s frolic, bought yarn for three pairs of socks, a book of sock patterns, and some buttons.

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