Wednesday, April 06, 2011

In Process -- March 2011

First Draft

Limering. Page-a-day, 4000 words, finished 29 Mar.

One Degree. I mentioned last month someone’s process on OWW, where they had blocks of exposition and action and dialog splines, and I wanted to try that. But first I needed an outline and some character descriptions. So this is maybe 100 words of notes.

Pause. Page-a-day, just started. Seems to be about geese, to some extent.


"The Rabbits". Tried to read it, couldn’t.

“Bezoar”. I thought I was almost done, and was just being lame and sitting on the story. I’d read the feedback (again) that I got on OWW last year, and then when I sat down for a “final read-through, clean up and send out,” things did not go as planned. I wound up rewriting the beginning and the ending, leaving the middle pretty much intact. I need at least one more draft again, mostly to look at the ending, which I think I’ve cut too since I moved two pages against each other.

Apophis. Fourth draft done. Watched a documentary about asteroids and realized they don’t run into each other that often, so I had to rewrite the beginning. That was the fifth draft, and whene the story found some structure. I read it again and found myself just making formatting changes and the like, so it has to move on. I need to get it on OWW, maybe tonight.


“Imp Face”.
Needs to be typed.
“Karate Zombies”.

Being reviewed

Apophis, extremely soon, I hope. And then Rabbits. I need to learn to let go. And take risks. What’s the worst that will happen – people will say it’s crap?


Morrigan. Still ignoring. Bought the matching “leather” jacket to go with it, which is problematic. That was supposed to be my reward when I finished it, or sold a novel. Oops. Perhaps I am a “cookies, and then I’ll have to work” person, rather than a “I can have a cookie after I work” person after all.

Doubleknit Fair Isle shawl. One day I decided I wanted to start Cormorant (below), and went looking for my US8 straights. They were stuck in this, so I did one row to put the shawl on the circ where it needed to go. And wow, that let me lay the thing out, and it looked awesome. That weekend I did 21 more rows. Now, one side is done and I have 61 rows on the other, then all the danglers and it’s done.

Convertible-a-Go-Go Socks. Needed something small and portable to take to band practice. Barely started.

Cormorant. Needed something mindless for when watching documentaries about asteroids. Also, if I finish three large projects, all the yarn in boxes on the floor will be used up, and that’s a good goal. (My other goal is to get the five cones off the bookshelf, and my stretch goal is to use up the massive bag of sock yarn.) Back and fronts done, first sleeve started.

Avalon armwarmers. I’d taken Avalon (a hooded shrug and matching tank) apart last year, since I’d never worn it and was never going to. But I hadn’t finished unraveling the yarn, because unraveling fair isle is unpleasant. The “leather” jacket I bought (see above) has ¾ sleeves, and I thought I should make some armwarmers to go with it. Since my theme this year is dark green, I picked up what was left of Avalon’s sleeves and started knitting them into these.


ChiaLynn said...

Mindless... I need something mindless to knit. I'm getting comfortable enough with the needles now to want to start knitting more challenging projects, but I'm a TV knitter, and I can't watch anything really interesting and knit anything interesting at the same time.

Robyn said...

Cormorant is unfortunately not as mindless as I'd hoped. There's a lot of shaping. the socks are pretty mindless right now, though... one more inch of k3, p1 and then the heel.