Sunday, January 02, 2011

In Process -- Dec 2010

The Rabbits (working on 3rd draft)
Succubus (working on second draft)
Apophis (working on 3rd draft)

Troll (4000 words, maybe 2000 of them in Dec?) This one came alive when I'd taken the month off from it for NaNoWriMo
Dowsing (4000 words start-to-finish in Dec?) While wandering around in Mocassin Trail Park yesterday, listening to Ed and Connor talk about Halo Wars, I realized what I'd meant to do with this story that I completely forgot in the first draft. I need to type it up, stat, and then retype it with that entire theme on top.
Imp Face (2000 words so far)

Socks for Lynda finished
Socks for Ed almost finished -- I hope tonight or tomorrow, because I'm sick of doing other people's socks
Morrigan hibernating
Anhinga hibernating

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